oogle "Sexy Trends"

#1 - Milfaholic - Hooked on Cougars?

I bumped my #1 pick with Milfaholic. Once of the strongest parts of this brand is their tie in with social media. The site is able to signup socially active 'milfs', then have them finding guys on their own platform. The evil genius part is how aggressive these milfs / cougars are. The women I met on this site definitely are not the shy ones here guys. If you're looking for a confident older woman with a high sex drive, you seriously need to check this out.

#2 - Naughty Over 40 - All Single Women Over 35

My #2 pick with Naughty Over 40. With over 4 million members, and hearing their damn tv jingle everywhere (late night of course), I figured I had to give this site a shot. I mean if a woman is cool with signing up on a site with Cougar in it's name, you know they're down to fuck. My main surprise is how aggressive this women were. I mean, they email me back RIGHT away. Many of which even initiated the conversation. If you're into older women, you'll have a blast here.

#3 - Black Crush - Have a Thing for Black Girls?

My new #3 pick is with Black Crush.As a white guy, I was initially intimated to approach a black girl online unless she noted in her profile race was irrelevant. Then I learned to say eff that! I tried out Black Crush and was rather surprised. The black girls on the site tend to be younger. They are looking for guys to hook up with, period. Race is irrelevant. The one thing I noticed is the need to be persistant. If you put the time with the email exchange, the close with a specfic date, time, and place, you'll have one hell of an experience with a black girl. It helps to be black yourself, but if you're a white guy like me, you still have a great success rate.

#4 - Arrangement Finders - Girls will do ANYTHING for Money!

My new #4 pick is Arrangement Finders. Girls are SMOKING HOT, but one huge problem, they're all looking for some sort of financial payment. In short, you have to pay them something to get some action. Tons of single moms & college girls. A step above being with an escort (especially from the STD side alone), but you still have to shell out money for the site and for the girl. If you make some decent money, well, then site should then be your #1 site. Forget the ones below. For just a little bit of money, you can get these girls (aka sugar babies) to do just about anything!

#5 - BBW Desire - Love Big T&A?

My 5th pick is BBW Desires. I really don't have a thing for BBWs, but I love girls with huge tits & a big ass. I've also learned that women are so negative on their body image, that if they have huge tits & ass, they feel uncomfortable on traditional dating sites. Thing is, these women are not obese. Sure, they could lose a couple pounds only, but the big T&A make up for it. If you can weed out the obese ones, and just focus on the average girls with huge tits, the amount of sex you'll have will be amazing. Not only that, you're at least getting a bj within the first few hours of meeting the girl - if she's into you that is! Don't be an ass and you'll get rewarded. Trust me ;-)

#6 - Fetish Women - A lil Fetish Will go a LONG Way

My #6 pick is Fetish Women. Women that are into fetishes aren't necessarily hardcore women. Think about it, ever since that 50 Shades of Grey shit came out, women are obsessed wit being dominated. As a result, you have influx of women who really aren't true fetish girls, but they want to be. There's a golden opportunity here guys. At least that's what I've found to be sucessful. These women are looking for now, engage them online, meet them and fuck their brains out. You might have to be a little more creative than with the women above, but you'll get an incredible response!

#7 - Ashley Madison - Discreet Hookups & Affairs.

My #7 pick is the Ashley Madison Dating Website. Here's why - all the girls on this site are looking for discreet relationships. Some are horny housewives, others just looking for some serious fun. When it comes to discreet hookups, these girls will do just about ANYTHING if they find the right guy! On top of that, they're looking for NOW, not some BS date in the future. First thing you do is join for FREE and see which girls are looking to hook up. Check out their pics (some are even nude, sweet). The site has over 28 million members, so finding girls in your area is sooo simple.

#8 - Bang Horny Milfs - Straight to the Point.

My new #8 pick is with Bang Horny MilfsWithout question, if a woman actively joins a site with "bang horny milfs" in the title you know for sure what she's looking for. Before you get your hopes too high, this site is a gigantic sausage fest. However, even with the insance amount of guys on the site, there are real horny milfs looking for guys. If you can make your profile stand out, willing to be patient, and contact as many girls as possible, you wll 100% get laid.

#9 - Are You Interested - Social Dating Mecca

I bumped my #9 pick with Are You Interested.By far, this is the most mainstream dating site out there. Thing is, it's harcore tied into social media. By doing so, you are getting access to millions of women who are looking at a moments notice. The name of the game is getting to girls at the exact moment they are looking. Their guards drop, dramatically increasing your chances to benefit.

#10 - Russian Women - Love Petite Hot True Russian Girls?

I bumped my #10 pick with Russian Women.I always had a thing for massage parlors. I love AMPs, but I also love RMPs. When a massage parlor is filled with real Russian women, these women are so incredibly HOT. Thin, blonde, obedient, small tight little asses. Now, trying to find real Russian women outside of a massage parlor can be tough - especially when it comes to a selection. When I checked this site out, thought it was one of those russian bride scams. In actuality, you find Russian girls that are new to the country, looking to meet a local attractive man that can show them around. I must admit, when I met my first Russian girl from this site, I was rather skeptical. When she showed up, I swear I had an instant hard on. You should definitely try dating one girl from this site before dismissing this amazing nationality!